3 easy maintenance garden plants

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With summer getting into full swing, perhaps you’ve been considering some garden maintenance in order to make the most of your outdoor areas. However, this can be easier said than done if you’re finding yourself pushed for time. Why not consider some of these easy-maintenance garden plants to create a space to enjoy without having to dedicate too much time and energy?

1. Lavender

Lavender is one of the UK’s most low-maintenance native plants. It requires no fertiliser, and rainwater is usually enough to ensure it remains hydrated. In addition to this, lavender doesn’t tend to attract pests, and it can be grown even in low-nutrient soil. Lavender in pots can bring a touch of colour to your garden, and these pots can be moved indoors or to a more sheltered location during the winter.

2. Lamb’s Ear

Lamb’s Ear is perfect for weed suppression and requires very little in the way of maintenance. When planted in the sun, Lamb’s Ear will provide years of hassle-free growth. While it’s a delicacy for slugs, it doesn’t attract many other pests and tends to remain disease-free. For the best possible results, plant Lamb’s Ear in well-draining soil, preferably in an area of the garden where you’d like to suppress weeds.

3. Dianthus

Dianthus tends to bloom well without any maintenance whatsoever, although we recommend deadheading every fortnight to encourage further blossoms. Pests tend not to bother this hardy perennial, which will reward your garden with flowers well into the autumn. For the best possible results, avoid direct watering and simply allow natural rainfall to provide nourishment.

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