3 Essential Tips For Perfect Hedge Trimming

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Garden maintenance is key for keeping any outside space looking fabulous. As the warmer months begin to appear, many of us will head outside to tidy up our gardens. After the colder winter period, they often need a little care and attention. One job which many people need to handle as a priority is trimming hedges. But what are the best tips for getting top results?

Use the right tool

Perhaps THE most important tip for perfect hedge trimming is using the right tool. By far the best option here is picking up a specialised hedge trimmer. But why does this make sense? Hedge trimmers are designed to be easy to handle, manoeuvrable and lightweight. They are also designed with the job of hedge trimming in mind and have enough cutting power to get the work done effortlessly. All this gives better results and makes trimming hedges less work.

Take your time

Another great hedge cutting tip is to simply take your time. With this in mind, it is often best to head outside when you have nothing else on for a few hours. This will ensure that you can work at a sensible pace and avoid any mistakes from rushing. It will also mean you have spare time to check your cuts and make any adjustments to get the shape you want. Taking your time also helps you work safely and prevents accidents caused by working in a dangerous way to save time.

Use a string line for straight tops

Most people like their hedges to have straight tops for a smart look. This can seem tricky to achieve though – especially for longer hedges. The simple answer is to use a string line to help. If you place wooden poles at each end of your hedge and then run a piece of string in a straight line between them, you have a visual guide to work to when cutting. Just be sure to set the string a cm or so below the final cut, so you do not cut that as well.

Let Redblade Mowers help you get that perfect finish

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