3 Useful Tools for Garden Maintenance This Spring

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As winter begins to loosen its icy grip, thoughts naturally turn towards spring. For keen gardeners around the UK, this is an exciting time. It is not only the time when your garden begins to come back to life but also the first time in months you have been able to get into it. Of course, it is also a time when garden maintenance is a must for even the smallest of outdoor spaces.

It is key to have the right tools in place for garden maintenance before you head outside though. This will make the whole process quicker, easier and safer to do. But what 3 useful pieces of kit should any garden lover have?


A lot of people around the UK have some kind of lawn to look after. After months of winter weather, they can look tired and in need of a good trim. With this in mind, it is crucial to invest in a good quality lawn mower. Choosing mowers from brands like Hayter mean you get a reliable product to use, with the latest features and safety measures. There are many different types of mower to buy now as well, so you can pick the right one for your space. Larger gardens for example may benefit from a ride-on.

Hedge trimmers

Another handy garden maintenance tool to consider are hedge trimmers. These are very useful for sorting out overgrown hedges and keeping them in check throughout the year afterwards. Compared to doing it with hand tools, it is a lot less hassle and much faster. Modern trimmers offer ergonomic design, plenty of power and are lightweight too.

Leaf blowers

The chances are that your garden might be covered in winter leaves and debris when you first head out in spring. Getting them cleared up is a must to get your garden looking top-notch again. Doing this by hand with a rake though is tedious and time-consuming. Leaf blowers on the other hand make this a fun and fast job to tackle. Easy to handle and designed to be portable, leaf blowers are a handy tool to have.

Garden maintenance tools from Redblade Mowers

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