6 Ways A Solis Tractor Can Save You Time

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Agriculture and garden maintenance are labour-intensive fields, and we know you won’t have much time to spare. New technology has drastically reduced the time that various agricultural tasks take, and the Solis tractor is the perfect example of this. The revolutionary Solis tractor is an incredibly versatile and quick machine, here are just six of the ways it could save you time.

1. A multi-purpose solution

You no longer need to hire or purchase expensive new machinery when you have a new project to tackle. Solis tractors have a number of attachments, including backhoe diggers, front loaders and buckets so you can complete a variety of tasks with the same machine. These attachments can be reused and changed easily so you always have the right tool for the job and can complete it efficiently.

2. You can drive it on the road

All Solis tractors are eligible for road registration as they meet all Tractor Mother Regulations. You’ll have no problems getting where you need to go and they are low-emission too.

3. We have expert customer support

You don’t have to worry about finding someone to fix your tractor or waste time searching for spare parts from various dealers. Redblade is the best Solis dealer in Lancashire, and our expert sales and repair teams are all under one roof, where we can service your tractor too. Contact us today.

4. Higher power to weight ratio

Our Solaris tractors have an impressive power to weight ratio, which means your tractor really is faster, perhaps the most guaranteed way to save you time! You don’t have to worry about going too slowly, because of the higher PWR your tractor will be able to accelerate much quicker than you expect.

5. Three-year warranty included

If you have any concerns about your Solis Tractor, it comes with a three-year warranty so you don’t have to worry about long waits for repairs. Our tractors are manufactured to the highest specifications, so we are confident they will last.

6. Compact size means easy storage

Solis tractors have been designed to be compact and convenient. They are easy to store on any, whether you are using it for agricultural, equestrian or gardening tasks.