Common lawn care myths dispelled

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Keeping a lawn in tip-top condition is often easier said than done, but by shunning the following common myths, your dreams of a beautiful greensward could become reality.

Always cut the grass as short as possible

Cutting the grass as short as possible might mean you don’t have to get the lawnmower out as often, but it’s not a good idea for the condition of your lawn. Very short grass leaves the soil exposed, making it vulnerable to becoming dry and allowing weeds to take hold. Ideally, avoid removing more than a third of the grass blade height.

Keep to the same mowing regime

Whether you use a push mower or a ride-on mower, it’s easy to fall into the trap of cutting the lawn in exactly the same way – but you might not be doing your grass any favours. Mowing the lawn in the same direction can cause the turf to mat down and may even restrict its growth. Therefore, change the pattern of your mowing each time so that the lawn grows strong and healthy.

Remove all grass clippings

Many people worry that leaving grass clippings on the lawn will encourage thatch, but this isn’t the case. As long as the grass clippings, or even fallen leaves for that matter, don’t smother the lawn and prevent the light from reaching the ground, it won’t do your grass any harm. In fact, grass clippings decompose speedily and can add important nutrients back to the lawn.

Lawn care doesn’t matter in winter

Winter may be the quietest time of the year for lawn care maintenance, but it’s wrong to assume that all jobs need to stop. Grass can still grow when temperatures reach 5 degrees Celcius or above, so mow your grass if it needs it, and clear it of leaves and other debris. However, never cut your grass when the ground is frosty. Winter is a good time of year to also get your lawnmower serviced by a reputable sales and repair company so that it will be in pristine condition when the grass growing season gets into full swing.

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