Common Mistakes To Avoid When Tidying Up Your Garden

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With spring well on the way and summer to look forward to, most of us are starting to think about sprucing up our gardens. Winter is hard on the plants, turf and trees in any outdoor space after all. This means you need to carry out some garden maintenance to get it looking amazing again. Of course, it is key to work smart in order to get the best results. But what common mistakes should you avoid when tidying up your garden?

Not using the right tools

This is a very common garden maintenance mistake that lots of people make. Using the wrong tools for a job is not only dangerous but can also see it take more time and leave you with poorer results. It can also make the task more physically demanding than it needs to be. Opting to use a ride-on mower to look after a big expanse of lawn, for example, is much quicker and easier than using a hand-operated mower.


Another garden maintenance mistake to avoid is working in a way that is not balanced or safe. We have all seen people struggling to trim hedges when standing on a wobbly step-ladder at an awkward angle, for example. This is very unsafe and can easily lead to falls. It can also see you slip whilst using a sharp tool and cut yourself. Whenever you carry out any maintenance, remember to work in a comfortable position and avoid stretching too far.

Not having your tools serviced regularly

From compact Solis tractors to ride-on mowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers and more, most people will have some tools/machinery which they need to maintain their outdoor space effectively. One mistake you still see is people neglecting to look after their kit and not have it serviced regularly. This can mean that it does not work when you go to use it and therefore cannot tidy up your garden as planned. To avoid this, try to get into the habit of having major tools like mowers, chainsaws and tractors serviced throughout the year.

Sales and repair with Redblade Mowers

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