Flail Mowers in Croston

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Flail Mowers in CrostonWe have all equipment, including flail mowers in Croston, for property maintenance. Perhaps your concern is just your own pasture, overgrown weed and grass sections and or you need to shred stalks after harvesting. We have the flail mowers to fit your tractor size and the knives for shredding, cutting and grooming. If your job is to maintain public roads, parklands and sports fields, we have the flail mowers your company needs for all heavy duty cutting. The brands we stock are proven tough to take on any size job of brush, tall wild grasses and woody weeds. No matter the obstacles encountered, these flail mowers just bounce off and keep going. If your riding mower can’t handle it then a flail mower will get the job done.

Even areas covered in moderate height brush are safer cut with a flail mower if there’s debris like stones and dead tree debris. In Croston, flail mowers will go right over loose debris whereas a standard mower would grab and throw the objects, creating a danger to the operator. For safety, some areas are better cut using a flail mower. The finished cut can be rough like a sports field or you can opt for a smooth and fine finish. We have several models from which to choose. We’ll help you choose the correct size for your needs. Our staff is very knowledgeable about all our products so you can count on them to point you in the right direction.

The flail mowers in Croston that we sell is hard working and durable specialised equipment. It can take a beating.  But if you do need a repair we have an onsite service and repair shop so we can service what we sell. Big equipment like flail mowers sometimes require a house call but we can make those repairs. That’s true for all your lawn and garden equipment. Contact Redblade Mowers or come to our showroom. We’ll show you the latest and best equipment for all your groundskeeping tasks. Don’t worry, you can trust us to not push you to buy more than you need. If you need a flail mower now but it’s not in your budget right now, talk to us about the financing options available to our customers.