Garden Mowers in Ormskirk

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Garden Mowers in OrmskirkWe are experts on garden mowers in Ormskirk at Redblade Mowers. You can trust the brands we stock because we have done our research on the best brands for all price ranges and garden size. Our staff can help you choose the right garden mower for your needs and price range. You want the right tool for the job in order to get the best results so we also stock a wide range of garden tools to keep your shrubs and trees looking great or prepare your vegetable garden for the season as well as keeping your grass well-trimmed and edged. We tell you everything regarding use and maintenance of the mowers and gardening tools you buy from us. For maintenance and repair, we have an onsite workshop to serve you.

If your garden is on the small side, our lightweight Atco electric may suit you fine. In Ormskirk, garden mowers like our electric and larger fuel powered mowers do more than just cut the grass to your specified height. They do double duty by mulching the grass as you cut which is good for your grass or use the bagger and collect the clippings. These mowers also have a roller that leaves a professional striped finish. You can have the equivalent of a professional cut using just this compact machine. Rechargeable batteries means it’s always ready to go, takes up very little space and there are no cords to worry about cutting through. Electric mowers are quiet, so if you want to mow at 5:00 a.m. Sunday morning, you won’t disturb the neighbours.

Riding garden mowers in Ormskirk may be what you need for larger properties from a quarter of an acre up to many acres. You want a mower big enough to handle the job with a cutting radius sized for efficiency and manoeuvrability. You will find the best brands here at Red Blade Mowers; Atco, Cub Cadet, Husqvana and Hyundai . For smallholdings, consider Solis compact tractors. Contact us or pay us a visit. Our mowers are organised by brand if you have a preference. We can demonstrate them and you can get a feel for the ease of use and comfort of those that interest you. We do offer financing for our customer’s convenience.