How do I apply grass seed to my existing lawn?

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Your lawn plays a big role in the external appearance of your property, so when patches start showing, you need to start applying grass seed to fix this as soon as possible. But how do you do this the right way without harming the grass that’s already there? Here are our top tips for applying grass seed to your existing lawn.

1. Choose the right grass seed

A sure-fire way to end up with disappointing results is choosing the wrong seed for your lawn. Check which grass seed is known to grow well in your area and will thrive under the weather conditions you are expecting. Everywhere has its unique set of challenges to contend with, such as altitude and soil types, so do as much research as you can before starting. Make sure you choose a high-quality seed that isn’t susceptible to disease and has deep roots.

2. Prepare your lawn

Before the seeds can thrive, you need to make sure they will be met with the best conditions. Do plenty of watering, mow on the lowest setting, and rake, as the seeds need to be in contact with moist soil that is appropriately oxygenated if they are to grow. Consider also spreading a starter fertiliser.

3. Follow the packet instructions and plant

The grass seed you purchase should have directions on the packaging for planting that specific type of seed, so follow these before diving in. This may also depend on if you are using a spreader or doing it by hand.

4. Water, water, water

Water your lawn thoroughly after planting and continue to do this twice per day for about 2 weeks. You are looking to wet the first inch of soil during each watering to ensure the seeds will germinate properly. After they start to sprout, you can lower your watering routine.

5. Create a care routine

When the new grass reaches the height of the existing grass, you can start mowing again and continue your lawn maintenance routine. This should involve fertilisation and weed control.

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