How does my lawn grass grow

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How does lawn grass reproduce?

For most of us, grass is something we never really give a second thought to until we own or rent a home with a garden. If you’ve got a lawn and want to know more about how to look after it, including how to encourage more grass to grow, carry on reading.

How does lawn grass reproduce?

Firstly, why do we need grass? It may be a very simple botanical structure, but grass is extremely important. For example, it is a major food source, with livestock feeding on it. But it’s also good for the environment, trapping carbon dioxide and reducing erosion from stormwater runoff.

In terms of how grass reproduces, there are two major ways this can happen. The first is sexually. This is when seeds produced from healthy grass are fertilised. The other way is asexually via a process called vegetative propagation, which requires no fertilisation. Instead, it occurs due to the production of side shoots, stolons, or the spread of rhizomes under the soil.

Rhizomes are horizontal stems that grow underneath the soil from the base of the parent plant, before producing new shoots that grow upwards and roots downwards to separate from the parent. Stolons, meanwhile, grow along the surface from the base before producing new plantlets to thicken the grass.

How to maintain your lawn

If you have a lawn at home, maintenance is crucial as not only does it keep it in good condition, but it will be rich in environmental benefits too. Regular mowing helps to keep a lawn healthy by encouraging the grass to grow thicker. It also prevents weeds from growing and makes the grass more hard-wearing.

Why do I need a healthy lawn?

A healthy lawn offers an array of benefits, including:

· Releasing oxygen
· Trapping dust, dirt and pollutants
· Absorbing rainfall, reducing water lost to run-off and reducing flash flooding
· Being naturally cooling

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