How to cut grass with a lawnmower

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If you have recently moved to a house with a garden, or you have just decided to step up your garden maintenance game, you may have bought a lawnmower and are now wondering, how exactly do you cut grass with a lawnmower?

Here is a list of some considerations to make sure your lawn comes out looking as good as possible.

Ensure you have the right lawnmower for your lawn

Small to medium sized lawns will probably benefit from a traditional cylinder or rotary lawn mower, but larger gardens may benefit from a ride-on mower. Or, if you consider lawn care too much of a chore, or if have a lot of space that needs maintaining regularly, then you should consider robotic lawn mowers, as they take a lot of the effort out of manually mowing your lawn.

Lawnmowers also have different, and sometimes adjustable, cutting depths, so make sure you know approximately how long you wish to leave your grass once it has been mowed.

Remove debris from your lawn

This may seem like obvious advice but removing any obstructions can be important for getting an even cut of your grass, without any obvious patches. Whether it be toys, washing lines, stones or basically anything that isn’t grass, and therefore not suitable for your mower.

As well as potentially damaging your mower, you could end up with unevenly-mown grass or barer patches if you have to go over areas multiple times because you missed them the first time around.

Mowing your lawn

Now that you have your lawnmower and your lawn is clear, it is time to start the actual process of mowing. Firstly, if your lawn isn’t perfectly square or rectangular, it is recommended to cut around the perimeter of your lawn and around any tricky obstacles first.

Then, smoothly and slowly to ensure the most even cutting, push or ride your lawnmower in straight, long lines up and down from one end to the other, overlapping slightly on each pass to avoid missing any areas. Turn around and do the same back up the other way, and repeat until your lawn is evenly short. And voila! A perfectly cut lawn with a lawnmower.

It is important to note that before operating any equipment that you are not completely familiar with, refer to any owners’ manual and safety guides for your mower to ensure the safety of you and those around you.

Lawnmowers rely on spinning blades to do their cutting, so never attempt to fix or tamper with them when the lawnmower is plugged in or switched on, and do not do it at all unless you are confident that you know what you’re doing.

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