How to level garden grass

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Having a lovely garden means nothing if it isn’t level. Lumpy or uneven garden grass can be difficult to mow and maintain, with common issues arising such as drainage problems and more. The good news is that there’s a solution available! Keep reading on to find out how to level garden grass to give you the garden of your dreams.

Why is my garden uneven?

There could be many reasons why your garden isn’t level. Maybe your children have wreaked havoc on your lawn after many summer months of play or water pooled on certain areas during the winter months creating damage. Whatever the reason, it needs to get fixed!

Level shallow areas

If your garden has shallow areas (1-2 cm lower than the rest of your garden), you can simply apply topsoil on top to even it out. Start with thin layers and make sure the soil is spread in an even manner. Push the soil down so it’s compact, water it, and leave it for three days or more. After 3 or 4 days, introduce grass seed and a further layer of topsoil.

Level large lumps or deep areas

It will take a bit more work to level out areas deeper than 2 cm. You want to work with a moist garden, but not one that’s soaking wet. Start with a shovel and cut into the centre of each deep area in a cross shape. Make sure each cut is around 5 cm, then dig out all of the turf inside. After this is done, compact the soil as above and fill the hole with more topsoil. Once this is complete you can then fold the turf back over.

Stay on top of your garden this summer

Gardens need lots of love and attention. While you can’t prevent children from playing or animals from digging, you can stay on top of your garden throughout the summer by addressing uneven ground as you go along. Once your garden is looking good as new, why not treat yourself to a Redblade Mower? The quality mowers that Redblade sells are exactly what you need to maintain the garden of your dreams. Our sales and repair team will be happy to help you with all of your garden needs.