How to make your garden low maintenance

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Many people love the idea of having a beautiful garden but lack the time and skill required to maintain a stunning outdoor space year-round. We’re already busy with jobs, children and chores, so it’s no surprise that we lack the additional hours needed for weeding, watering and pruning. Fortunately, creating a fuss-free garden does not have to be difficult. Read on and discover how to make your own low-maintenance paradise that will bring you joy whenever you step into it.

Opt for fewer plants

One of the simplest ways to create a low-maintenance garden is to limit the number of plants you have. The fewer species of flora and fauna you have, the lower the maintenance will be. Stick to several hardy varieties such as lines of gold sedge, bamboo or ornamental grass and research the care they require. You could even go one step further and remove all plants from your garden and replace them with gravel or wood chips for a stylish effect with zero maintenance.

Take a look at your lawn

Ask any gardener and they will tell you that lawns demand a lot of attention. For a truly low-maintenance garden, try to limit the grass in your outdoor space. Paving, gravel and decking are great fuss-free options for those who lack the time for regular mowing sessions. However, a lot of people feel no garden is complete without greenery. If grass is non-negotiable, ensure it is cut in a simple shape like a rectangle, as cutting an irregular shape lawn can take a lot more time.

Focus on one feature

Focussing your attention on one specific feature can help take your low-maintenance garden to the next level. For example, you might want to concentrate on making a vegetable patch or creating a gorgeous pond full of fish. Whether it’s for practical purposes or cosmetic reasons, focusing your efforts in one place can minimise work everywhere else. The less landscaping you have in your outdoor space, the less time you’ll need to dedicate to gardening.

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