How To Perfect Lawn Mowing This Spring

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With the days getting longer and with gardens beginning to spring into life, it is time to start managing your lawn ready for summer. For many people, the lawn forms a substantial feature in the garden and therefore requires excellent care and attention. Below is our simple, definitive guide for maintaining your lawn to perfection this spring.

Ensure your lawnmower is suited to the job it’s doing

Every lawn is different, and there are many ways to maintain your lawn; as such, there is a wide variety of mowers, each with its own specialities. For a vast paddock-sized garden, a ride-on lawnmower from Solis tractors makes an excellent choice. However, for a more delicate, formal garden, you might want a smaller lawnmower for your space. Luckily the experts at Redblade Mowers in Lancashire are on hand to advise on the best possible type of mower for your garden.

Have you had your mower serviced?

Like all mechanical pieces of equipment, lawn mower maintenance is a crucial part of ensuring the task of mowing your lawn is a joy and not a chore. Redblade Mowers offer a range of complete sales and repairs for your lawnmower; after all, a poorly maintained mower won’t do your lawn any favours.

Don’t cut your grass too short

The general rule of thumb is to never cut your lawn by more than a third of its current height. If you cut your grass too short, it can struggle to maintain moisture and expose the soil, which will lead to a loss of colour and drying out during the summer.

Think about how often you cut your lawn

Ensuring you have a good balance between cutting your grass regularly and allowing it time to grow will help you maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn. Aim for cutting every couple of weeks, keeping the lawn nice and neat. This will be far more beneficial to your lawn than fewer more drastic cuts in the grass length.

Want to find out more about garden maintenance and mowers?

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