How to service a ride on lawn mower

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A ride-on lawnmower is a great addition to your garden care machinery. It makes mowing your grass a whole lot easier and provides you with an efficient way of keeping your garden looking tidy. As such, it is crucial to have your lawnmower in excellent condition at all times. Proper maintenance practices will enhance its performance and prolong its life span. Here is a quick guide on how to maintain your ride-on lawnmower.

Read the manual

The manufacturer’s manual contains a comprehensive guide on how to use and maintain your mower, as well as some safety tips. Take note of your mower’s serial number and model and use it when you are shopping for spare parts.

Clean your ride-on mower

Grass, twigs, and dirt can get stuck inside and outside your mower, affecting its performance. Leaving wet grass within the machine can cause rusting on metal components, while debris in the engine can clog the cooling system resulting in overheating.

The best way to clean a ride-on mower is to use a pressure washer. This will help get rid of any grass clippings and dirt that may be stuck underneath. Regularly cleaning your mower will not only improve its performance but will also help reduce the spread of lawn diseases.

Change your oil regularly

An oil change is necessary at least once every quarter for your engine to run smoothly. Failure to change the oil regularly can cause clogged filters, limiting the oil flow into the engine. As a result, the engine can overheat or break down.

Lubricate moving parts

Greasing not only prevents wear and tear but also ensures the lawnmower performs efficiently. Use a grease gun as it is easy and quick.

Sharpen cutting blades often

If you recently cleared your lawn of branches, rocks, and grass, then your lawnmower blades are most likely blunt. Sharpening the blades cuts grass quickly and more uniformly, resulting in a neatly trimmed lawn. If you cannot sharpen the blades on your own, you can consult mower professionals.

Replace your spark plugs

It is recommended to replace spark plugs once every season. Ensure that you buy spark plugs that fit the model of your lawnmower. A faulty spark plug can cause poor engine performance and increase fuel consumption.

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