How to sharpen lawn mower blades

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Blunted lawn mower blades could negatively impact the health and appearance of your garden. As well as leaving your grass feeling ragged and scratchy, a blunt blade could weaken your lawn and promote dangerous fungal growth.

Fortunately, keeping your blades sharp and serviceable is simple once you know how. Here’s how to get started:

1. Gather your tools

You’ll need sturdy gloves, rags, a file, a vice, and a ratchet set.

2. Remove the blade

Before you get to work on your blade, remove the spark plug wire away from the spark plug. This will ensure the motor doesn’t start when you’re touching the blade with your hands (ouch!).

To remove the blade, tip the mower onto its side, with the air filter pointing upward. Add a mark to one side of the blade using spray paint (or a similar substance), as this will ensure you know which way round to install it. Slip a short 2×4 in between the deck and the blade, proceeding to loosen the bolt with a wrench.

3. Sharpen your blade

Next, clamp the blade securely in your vice and sharpen it with a hand file. Lawnmower blades are typically rather soft, so you won’t need to perform more than 40 or 50 strokes. You may wish to use a grinder instead of a file, but they tend to be more difficult to control. When you’re filing, remember to sharpen from the top side of the blade’s edge.

4. Check the results

Try to hang the blade on a nail to check if it balances. If one side starts to dip, file a little more off that side until the blade sits horizontally.

5. Reinstall your blade

Finally, carefully reinstall the blade and screw the bolt tightly. You can use the rags to clean up any mess. Just remember to reattach the spark plug before turning on your mower.

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