How well do you know your garden?

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If you are a good gardener, you should be able to identify the unique features of your garden. Depending on the geographical region you live in, your plot can have distinct soil, moisture level, and weather exposure. It is no surprise that the type of plants that thrive in Hesketh Bank may differ from those of Burscough and surrounding areas.

So, do not be tempted to bring in new flower species from Tarleton before you fully understand the unique set of conditions in your Ormskirk yard. If you grasp the following aspects of a garden, you should be ready to create a paradise in your backyard.

Wind exposure

Most urban gardens are sheltered from windy conditions. If you live in the rural areas of West Lancashire, there’s a high likelihood of your land being exposed to wind, though not as much as gardens in Southport seafront. These factors can dictate what plants you should grow. For instance, it would be best to cultivate shrubs such as willow in a windy area.

Type of soil

Fertile soil can give you a blooming yard. It differs from one place to another, and you must figure out which one you have. In Rufford, coarse loam is common in most plots. Another critical aspect of soil is the pH. Knowledge of pH levels will help you pick the right flowers and fertiliser. Don’t forget to incorporate garden compost and animal manure to improve organic matter.

Moisture content

Plants cannot survive without water. Make an effort to feel the soil in different parts of your land and observe what plants do well in particular spots. Rain is more frequent in November, especially in Formby; thus, you can plant moisture-loving plants around this time.

Sunlight exposure

Sunlight is fundamental to plant growth, but some seedlings need more light than others while others thrive in shades. The direction your garden faces can determine sun exposure. Generally, north-facing plots receive less natural light than south-facing plots. To keep flowers from withering, you can introduce shades and trees.

Have you started gardening recently or want to do serious maintenance practices? Understanding the above points will put you ahead of many gardeners in your area. If you have any queries about gardening tools and maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact Redblade Mowers.