Low maintenance back garden ideas

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To have a beautiful garden, it is said that you must invest time and money into maintaining and curating it. While this statement is true, taking care of your gardening doesn’t have to be an unnerving task. Here are a few low maintenance gardening ideas you should try.

Stick to hardy plants

To avoid the disappointment of garden plants dying as the seasons change, opt for hardy plants varieties that can survive adverse temperature changes. Cacti, hostas, succulents, aloe vera, or snake plants are great examples of low maintenance landscaping plants. Steer clear of creepers as they are hard to manage and can easily get out of control.

Scale back your lawn

Grass requires regular feeding, watering, and mowing, all of which require a lot of time and effort. For a hustle-free garden, consider scaling back the size of your lawn. This way, you’ll have less grass to contend with.

To scale back your lawn, you can introduce garden paths, add flower beds, or introduce hardscape.

Limit the number of plants you have

One of the simplest ways to get a low maintenance garden is to limit the number of plants varieties you have. The fewer varieties you have, the lower the maintenance, so try to stick to between 5 and 10. This way, you’ll be able to pay more attention to what your plants need and deal with weeds more efficiently.

Raise your beds

If you have a kitchen garden, switching from ground-level beds to raised beds will make planting, watering, and weeding instantly easier. You can customise your beds to a height that suits you and your lifestyle.

Start mulching your plants

Mulching your plants helps lock in moisture, significantly reducing the need for watering. In addition, the lack of light inhibits weed growth which means you’ll spend less time weeding and more time enjoying your space. Mulch can be in the form of compost, gravel, bark or anything that locks in moisture in the soil and prevents evaporation.

Invest in proper equipment

The proper equipment makes work easier. So, to make gardening and landscaping a little easier, invest in tools such as rakes, spreaders, hedge trimmers, Solis tractors, and a lawnmower.

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