Low maintenance garden border ideas

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Everyone wants their garden borders to look lovely all year round. While you may think that having a beautiful garden border is reserved for gardeners with ample time on their hands, did you know that you can have a low maintenance garden border that requires minimal upkeep? It’s true! If you’re someone who wants to have stunning garden borders but are limited on how much maintenance and care you can offer them, keep reading on for the best low maintenance garden border ideas you can get started on today.

Use resilient plants

If you’re someone who isn’t able to spend your weekends gardening, it’s important that you choose resilient plants that will flourish in different types of weather (we are in England, after all!). When choosing resilient plants for your garden border, choose plants that could exist as plant communities within their natural habitat. Think of stunning grasses such as salvia nemorosa or kniphofia that will provide you with a long season of flowering and require little care and maintenance. You can also incorporate hardy geraniums like geranium Rozanne for putting between plants. This is a great way to add a pop of colour to your garden borders without having things get out of hand.

Use evergreens as a backdrop

Planting evergreen shrubs as a backdrop to your garden borders is a great way to add depth to your garden border design. Evergreen shrubs are great for masking dying perennials and will make your garden border look tidy at all times. Using evergreen shrubs for your borders isn’t only pleasing to the eye, it’s incredibly low maintenance, too!

Add edging to your borders for a clean look

There’s nothing more disappointing than a messy garden. Border edging is a great way to keep your garden borders looking clean and tidy. They are also super low maintenance! Choose a border that compliments your garden such as slate or steel. Depending on your personal tastes, there are edging materials that are right for you.

Use tools you can trust

If you’re thinking about planting a low maintenance garden border, it’s important to have reliable tools you can trust. With Redblade Mowers, we provide our customers with expert sales and repair and are dedicated to providing customers with products they’ll use for years to come. Browse our store to find out more!