Low-maintenance garden pot plants

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Gardening has become a more and more popular past-time in the last couple of years, with many people deciding to beautify their homes and unlock their full potential.

If you have a smaller outdoor space, have lawn space that you wish to preserve, or maybe you rent your property and are worried about taking plants with you when you move, planting your plants in outdoor pots offers a space-saving and low-maintenance way of elevating your garden.

Most plants will naturally be happier growing in the ground, however, some stunning plants will flourish in a pot. Here are a few types of less obvious plants that can give you an idea of the variety of flora you could have in your garden.


Box, or Buxus Sempervirens, is a large plant, most recognisable for its use as a hedge (hence ‘box hedge’). Box hedges are large, so require a rather large pot, and they are not the cheapest plant, so do expect to spend time, effort and money initially, but once the Box is planted and in place, it’s easy sailing for the rest of its long life.

Ideal for adding structure or a focal point for a garden, a box hedge will likely only need trimming once a year due to how slowly it grows. The plant will require regular watering, however, in the UK, you will probably find that the weather does most of your watering for you. This makes these the perfect long term, low-maintenance pot plants for your garden.


Due to how they grow in the wild, usually clinging for dear life onto the windswept sides of mountains, succulents will grow in just about any climate and any planting conditions, and so are perfect for adding colour and beauty to a garden with very few maintenance requirements.

Succulents are used to very dry, arid conditions and poor soil quality, and really can take a lot of abuse from mother nature, making them the perfect addition to any low-maintenance garden. Because they are so good at withdrawing moisture from their surroundings, it’s important to ensure you use pots with drainage holes, or you may end up killing your succulents with kindness.


Wildflowers bring so much life to the garden, not just metaphorically with their bright flowers and intoxicating scents, but literally – attracting bees and other pollinating wildlife to your garden. You may think that wildflowers need a meadow or rewilded lawn area to thrive, but wildflowers are perfectly suited to a pot on a warm, sunny patio.

Because of their wild nature, they will need very little maintenance, although it is often recommended to occasionally use some water-soluble fertiliser to boost growth, this is just if you want to maximise your display. The plants will cope very well on their own and attract honey bees, ladybirds and butterflies which in turn can attract birds and other wildlife and turn your garden into a hive of bustling spring and summertime activity.

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