Monthly garden maintenance tips to keep your garden healthy

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As we move into the warmth of summer, it’s good to take stock of what needs to be done around the garden, particularly with regards to the heat. However, the best way to ensure your garden is thriving is to keep tabs and work on it on a consistent, monthly basis.

General upkeep

Thorough garden maintenance can be difficult to maintain on a daily or weekly basis, though some tasks (like clearing fallen plant material) will inevitably have to occur on a more frequent basis, depending on the requirements of your garden plants and how dense your garden is. However, it is a good idea to keep tasks like mowing, pruning and fertilisation on a monthly checklist, not necessarily because they need to be done monthly but rather to check on the state of your grass length or plant health and take action per necessity.

Hot to cold and back

Anyone living in a seasonal country needs to be sensitive to the weather changes and take care of their gardens accordingly. Depending on the specific flora within your garden, detailed monthly checklists should be written to ensure that your garden is properly taken care of. Attention paid to protecting delicate plants during harsh winter months and dead ending certain branches for riotous blooms in the next season pays off when your garden looks stunning all year round.

The tools make the man

Regular garden maintenance can really only yield optimal results when accomplished with tools that are working well and serviced regularly. This not only means checking that your irrigation systems are working as intended or that your pruning blades are sharp. Machines like mowers, trimmers and even Solis tractors immediately come to mind. Making sure that they are functioning at maximum efficiency helps make yard work easy, and regular servicing extends their lifespan.

Regardless of the time of the year, there’s always something to do around the garden, and addressing this work on a regular monthly schedule is paramount to ensuring your green space flourishes. Visit Redblade Mowers’ blog for further gardening tips and if you are in the West Lancashire area, visit our offices for all your tractor and other gardening machinery sales and repair needs.