15E 38cm Rear Roller 1600 Watt Electric Lawnmower


15E 38cm Rear Roller 1600 Watt Electric Lawnmower

£189.00 £159.00


Quiet, lightweight, compact and easy to use, Atco electric lawnmowers are ideal for smaller gardens.

As with all Atco products, our 15E mains electric lawnmower is designed to maintain your lawn to the highest standard and is packed with features to make using them as efficient and pleasurable experience as possible.
Features include large wheels for enhanced manoeuvrability, centralised height of cut adjustment, a grass bag full indicator and camlock fittings for easy folding of the ergonomic handles for compact storage.
The model also has integral rear rollers that leave a beautiful striped finish to your lawn and is also supplied complete with a mulching kit – just insert the mulch plug to finely cut grass clippings into a nitrogen rich mulch which is recycled back into the lawn as a natural fertiliser.
Rear roller for stripesRear roller for a classic stripped finish to the lawn.
3 in 1 cutting system3 in 1 cutting system: Collect, Mulch or Rear Discharge
MulchingGrass clippings are recycled back into the soil, returning valuable nutrients and saving you time and money!

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