Angus Aqua Easy Plus 1ltr

Angus Aqua Easy Plus 1ltr



Angus AquaEasy™ offers both soil penetrant qualities and the ability to aid water holding capacity, thereby improving water movement through the root zone and improving water distribution within the root zone.

Angus AquaEasy™ is an important and valuable water management tool suitable for use in all root zones. This surfactant penetrant and block co-polymer new ‘generation technology’ helps to prevent or dispatch with dry patch, reduce water related plant stress, reduce the requirement for irrigation and ensure even water distribution throughout any root zone.

  • Improves water penetration
  • Improves water distribution
  • Helps to prevent dry patch or helps to overcome dry patch
  • Reduces water related plant stress
  • Reduces the requirement for irrigation
  • Effectively disperses dew and guttation
  • Encourages a healthy balance of air & water in the root zone
  • Provides an improved environment for healthy root growth

Application rate:

100ml in 4L of water covers 100m2

500ml in 20L of water covers 500m2

1L in 40L of water covers 1000m2