Deleks manual side shift flail mower 1.65m

Deleks manual side shift flail mower 1.65m


Weight 295 kg
Dimensions 88 × 175.5 × 75 cm
Working Width (cm) 165
Tractor Range (HP) 25-45
Linkage Type Cat 1
Cutting Range (cm) 2-5
Power PTO
Number of Blades 30
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The DLINCE SP165 Deleks 1.65m Manual Side-Shift Flail Mower is perfect for cutting grass in paddocks. It leaves a fine lawn finish when used frequently. These flail mowers have a lightweight construction specifically designed for lower horse power sub-compact tractors. This style of mower has hammer blades for pasture topping.

This mower is fitted with a manual side shift A-frame as standard for added manoeuvrability. It also provides better access to hard to reach areas, such as in orchards or vineyards, with multiple positions, for increased versality..

The machine has several hammer style blades mounted onto a cylindrical rotor in a spiral formation. The multiple blade action then creates finer cuttings on areas of longer grass and weeds. It is also better suited to uneven ground types than conventional topper mowers. The mower is belt driven, the multiple drive belts give power to the blade rotor shaft.

The DLINCE SP165 Deleks 1.65m Manual Side-Shift Flail Mower benefits from an adjustable rear roller and side skids. This means it can be adjusted with the tractor top link arm to change the mower angle and cutting height. The rear roller also helps to avoid blade scalping on uneven areas.

This manual side-shift flail mower can be attached to the 3 point linkage of a range of small or compact tractors. It is quick and simple to fit and operate. This means it will save time and effort.