FTS flail mower 1.45m

FTS flail mower 1.45m


Weight 290 kg
Dimensions 85 × 160 × 75 cm
Working Width (cm) 145
Tractor Range (HP) 25-40
Linkage Type Cat 1
Lower Linkage Width (cm) 49-69
Cutting Range (cm) 3-8
Power PTO


The FTS 1.45m Flail Mower is ideal for overgrown pasture and paddock areas. It’s the perfect mower for cutting a variety of grasses, brambles and overgrown areas. This mower offers a robust build for use on smallholdings and areas with grazing livestock.

The machine has several hammer style blades mounted onto a cylindrical rotor. The multiple blade action creates finer cuttings on overgrown areas. This style of mower has heavy hammer blades for tougher pasture cutting. It is also better suited to uneven ground types than conventional topper mowers. The mower is belt driven, there are 3 drive belts which give power to the blade rotor shaft.

This model has 2 height adjustable skids to adjust the cutting height between 3cm and 8cm. This helps to avoid the mower scalping the ground and leaves an even cut when mowing. In the same vein, the mower also benefits from an adjustable rear roller, this can be adjusted up or down along with the tractor top link arm to change the mower angle and cutting height.

The FTS 1.45m Flail Mower can be attached to the 3 point linkage of a range of small or compact tractors. The mower is quick and simple to fit and operate so it saves time and effort.