Hyundai HY1000Si 1kW Inverter Generator

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The Hyundai HY1000Si is the smallest model of petrol inverter generator in the Hyundai leisure range. The ideal petrol generator to take on your camping, caravaning or boating trips, at only 13kg, it has a lightweight and portable frame that makes this the easiest and most stylish portable generator on the market. At the same time, it provides ample power for all your basic power needs without costing the earth. It runs at a very low noise and has a 1000w maximum output which makes it a very popular choice in the UK leisure generator market. Typically, this generator will be used for keeping the leisure battery in the caravan or motorhome charged, powering a TV or Laptop and lighting but it can also handle having sensitive appliances plugged directly into it without overloading the items in question. The pure sine wave output will make sure that a clean wave of power is produced, protecting any expensive and sophisticated equipment from harm. This is thanks to the inverter technology, as the AC power output is a pure digital sine wave. Effectively, it is like carrying around a portable supply of mains electricity. The HY1000Si features the new ECO-Thottle system, which helps to keep fuel consumption and noise levels to a minimum. Because of this feature, it means that you can get anywhere between 3-7 hours of use on just 2.7 litres of fuel, depending on load, and all at an acceptable level of noise. This is a huge plus point when considering it will be used primarily in leisure situations such as campsites and areas where noise is an issue and the improved system makes this one of the most environmentally friendly generators on the UK market.

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