Oxdale E400 Electric Log Splitter

Oxdale E400 Electric Log Splitter


  • 10 Ton ram
  • Splits logs up to 18″ or 45cm
  • Dual speed hydraulic pump
  • Standard 3 pin plug
  • Double chamfered axe head
  • Easily manoeuverble
  • Diameter not restricted
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The Oxdale 10 Ton E400 vertical electric log splitter is one of the most powerful electric models on the market. Powered by a 1.5kw motor, the E400 offers a huge 10 ton splitting force, splitting pretty much everything you can lift to the table.

This British built log splitter is a real workhorse, a fantastic timesaver and is ideal for a variety of uses – be that professional, home/domestic use, or for those with a smallholding. It turns log splitting from a dangerous chore into safe, easy fun.

The Oxdale E400 is the perfect machine if you live in a built up area and don’t want to be too loud or would rather not have to mess about with a petrol engine. The E400 has the capability and reliability of the SE400 without the noise. The E400 has a double pump configuration which enables the splitter to be much faster than the other electric models. The axe head travels at 2 speeds and once it hits a certain pressure, the pump switches modes and continues at a slower speed but higher pressure

If you like to split and listen to nature at the same the E400 is the machine for you.

The E400 comes fitted with two-handed control levers for safe operation, and wheels for easy manoeuvrability of the machine. Our range of electric log splitters are fantastic for use around the home or with a generator.