Oxdale Paddock Roller 8ft

Oxdale Paddock Roller 8ft


  • 20″ Diameter
  • 7mm Plate steel drum
  • Pin or ball hitch
  • 3 point linkage (optional extra)
  • Greaseable bearings
  • Water ballasted
  • Paddock Roller sizes 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft
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The paddock roller is water ballasted which makes it ideal for grassland work. The Oxdale Land Roller is fitted with a pin or 50mm standard ball hitch towing point and can be towed by tractor, ATV or 4×4.

It has a 40mm towing shaft, greaseable bearings and a fully adjustable rear scraper. The roller measures 22” in diameter with 7mm plate steel drums. 3-point linkage available as an optional extra.

Rolling is used to smooth out uneven surfaces caused by grazing animals and heavy traffic which can also be used to press uprooted or heaved plants back into the soil to prevent desiccation. Flatter land makes subsequent weed control and harvesting easier. A water-filled roller has the advantage that the water may be drained out for lighter use or for transport. In frost-prone areas a water filled roller must be drained for winter storage to avoid breakage due to the expansion for water as it turns to ice.
Rolling can produce a firm surface to provide a “faster” surface. Like all field practices it must be done correctly so it won’t do more harm than good.

8ft Width | 20″ Drum Diameter | 7mm Wall Thickness | Empty Weight 304kg | Ballasted Weight 798kg