Oxdale PTO1000 Tractor Mounted Log Splitter

Oxdale PTO1000 Tractor Mounted Log Splitter


  • 16 Ton ram
  • Splits logs up to 36″ or 91cm
  • Cat 1 & 2
  • Unique double chamfered axe head
  • 45l Hydraulic tank
  • Anti burst lagging on the pipes


The PTO1000 is a logsplitter suitable for tractors of 40hp and above. It will take logs up to 36” in length and any diameter. This is the ideal machine for splitting logs into billet lengths. It comes complete with a 45l hydraulic tank and PTO shaft.

Tractor mounted log splitter driven off the tractor’s PTO

Very powerful 16 tonne ram. It can take logs up to 1 meter high and is not limited to the width of logs it can split

The splitting wedge is specially forged, hardened and has a double chamfer to give the best splitting action available on the market