Solis 50 2WD (4WD also available!)

Solis 50 2WD (4WD also available!)


Solis 50 is tough, durable and powerful, designed for a variety of tasks from building to mowing, digging or tilling this tractor can work with a complete range of attachments. Designed with oil immersed breaks, power steering, effortless bonnet opening and more, the Solis 50 is both easy to use and to maintain. Part of our utility range this tractor is ideal for small farms and maintenance tasks.

From £11995 +VAT (excluding loader)


Key Features

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable control

4WD Front Axle

For better traction. Suitable for muddy operation better steering angle for sharp turning

Backlit Instrument Cluster

Easy to see at night

Multi-speed PTO

Suitable for spraying & Rotavator application

Effortless Bonnet Opening

Radiator Overflow Reservoir

No need to fill coolant again & again

Dry Type Air Cleaner with Clogging Sensor

Oil Immersed brakes

Low maintenance, longer life

Power Steering

For easy operation & operator comfort