Wessex RMX-180 Roller Mower

Wessex RMX-180 Roller Mower


  • Cutting width 1.8m
  • Overall width 1.93m
  • Approx weight 467kg
  • Cutting height range 10-100mm
  • No. of cutting spindles 3
  • Power required 30hp
  • Workrate acres/hr (at 12mph) 7.4
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Ideal for use on compact tractors from 30hp, the Wessex RMX G2 Rigid Deck Tractor Roller Mower produces incredible results in all weather conditions. Full-width rollers front and rear, an exceptionally high blade tip speed, GoldCut blades, and rotor baffles ensure the grass clippings are dispersed evenly.

This feature ensures your lawns have a lasting stripe and are in peak condition throughout your mowing season. Wessex RMX tractor roller mowers provide a cut equal to a cylinder mower but without the costly maintenance bill.

This tractor roller mower is ideal for use by councils, contractors, schools/universities, large estates and sports pitches.

  • FULL-WIDTH ROLLERS – Follows ground contours accurately, leaving a professional striped effect on the turf.
  • 5MM HEAVY PRESSED STEEL DECK – Integral strength for long service life. Sandblasted and powder coated for maximum durability.
  • SIMPLE CUTTING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT – Single-spanner operation allows infinite cutting height variation. Greaseable threads are enclosed beneath the deck to protect it from debris.
  • TWIN BELT DRIVE – For maximum power transmission to cope with larger volumes of grass.
  • ROLLER SCRAPER – Keeps rollers free of debris build-up.
  • ANGLED ROTOR BAFFLES – Ensure even grass distribution across the full width of the machine.
  • ANTI-SCALP DISCS – Eliminate scalping and protect the turf when cutting very low.
  • CAST ROLLER END CAPS WITH DUAL TAPER BEARINGS – Ensure a long service life, as they are designed to withstand side thrust when turning during mowing. Keep maintenance costs to a minimum, as components can be replaced individually.
  • GOLDCUT BLADES – Zone-hardened precision blades spin at 96m/sec for premium cut quality at a fast-forward speed. Blades pivot to minimise stone damage and have an upturn to generate the suction effect.
  • PREMIUM CUT – High blade tip speed gives superb results every time.
  • REDUCE FUEL CONSUMPTION – Save up to 50% in fuel costs.