Winton 1.8m Professional Finishing Mower

Winton 1.8m Professional Finishing Mower


Weight 239 kg
Dimensions 190 × 170 × 80 cm
Working Width (cm) 180
Tractor Range (HP) 25-55
Linkage Type Cat 1
Cutting Range (cm) 2-9
Number of Blades 3
Power PTO


The WFP180 Winton 1.8m Professional Finishing Mower is a high quality rear discharge cutter with a three blade design. This is an ideal mower for producing a professional finish for regular grass cutting, covering a greater area faster than a smallholder model of finishing mower.

The mower benefits from a refined lightweight but robust construction. Therefore, it can be operated by a range of smaller or lower powered compact tractors. This is an ideal tractor attachment for cutting lawns, golf courses, sports fields and other large areas of land. This style of mower is best suited to level areas of regularly maintained grass.

This model has four height adjustable wheels. This makes it possible to regulate the cutting height between 2cm and 9cm. This finishing mower also has pivoting wheels for increased agility. These features help to stabilise the mower and leave an even cut when mowing varying terrain. The mower uses a rear discharge system to disperse the cuttings evenly. This keeps the area looking tidy and avoids unsightly mounds of grass clippings.

The Winton 1.8m Professional Finishing Mower is simple to fit and operate. This combines with easy maintenance to create a time-saving attachment for the busy groundskeeper.