Winton 10tn PTO Log Splitter

Winton 10tn PTO Log Splitter


Splitting Force (tn) 10
Power PTO


The Winton 10tn PTO Log Splitter is ideal for smallholdings. It is perfect for preparing logs for winter as well as clearing woodland throughout the year.

The Winton Log Splitter is tractor mounted so it can be easily transported to wherever it is needed. It also has a splitting force of 10 tonnes. This means it can tackle a range of log-splitting jobs.

The splitting wedge is specially forged and hardened for increased longevity. It also has a double chamfer to give the best splitting action available on the market. The machine is powered by an independent PTO pump. This attachment is ideal for tractors without an inbuilt hydraulics system. It’s also perfect for logs up to 18 inches tall in size.

For added safety, all the hydraulic pipes are covered in anti-burst lagging and both hands are required on the lever to operate the ram. Lifting the lever will power the splitting wedge through the logs and lowering the lever will retract the ram.

The Winton 10tn PTO Log Splitter can be attached to the 3 point linkage of a range of small or compact tractors.

This implement is quick and simple to fit and operate, saving both time and effort.