Winton 500kg pallet forks

Winton 500kg pallet forks


Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 72 cm
Linkage Type Cat 1
Load Capacity (kg) 500


The WPF500 Winton 500kg Pallet Fork is a highly versatile piece of equipment. It will handle most lifting tasks up to 500kg capacity, without ruining your machine’s power or lift capacity. So this is ideal for moving a range of items around smallholdings, estates and farms.

Although the arms are not adjustable, the strong welds make them incredibly sturdy. This also means that the fork is minimum maintenance, and can be bought for a fantastic price. As a single solid object, this implement does not have any spare parts, with the exception of the 3-point linkage.

The pallet fork is ideal for moving hay bales, pallets and items on the pallet around smallholdings, estates and farms. The solid steel forks provide sturdy base for lifting. The tapered fork tips mean that loading is simple. The load is distributed over 3 points to prevent stress failures. This means that the fork has an impressive capacity of 500kg.

The Winton 500kg Pallet Fork has a category 1 size 3 point linkage. This means it can attach to a range of small or compact tractors.

This attachment is quick to fit with the 3 linkage pins and easy to operate, which saves both time and effort.