Winton box grader 4ft

Winton box grader 4ft


Weight 190 kg
Working Width (cm) 120
Tractor Range (HP) 16+
Linkage Type Cat 1
Number of Blades 4


The Winton 4ft Box Grader is ideal for use around small holdings for levelling grounds and tracks. This attachment is designed for levelling grounds and tracks by filling potholes and smoothing the surface. However, it is also perfect for seedbed preparation, because it promotes soil aeration and drainage.

Features 4 height adjustable ripper tines perfect for ripping the soil to a variety of depths. These can be set at the lowest point for ripping and also loosening up compacted soil. Alternatively the tines can be set at the highest point, or removed, to use the implement as a grader. Both the front and rear scraper blades level out earth and tracks. The blades are reversible when they are worn, but also easily replaceable. The increased longevity of the blades will save time and money for the busy smallholder.

The reinforced design of the heavy-duty tines and the reinforced A-frame benefits from both strength and reliability.

The Winton 4ft Box Grader can be attached to the 3 point linkage of a range of small or compact tractors. With its multiple uses. The implement is quick and simple to fit and operate, saving both time and effort.