Winton Topper Mower 1.6m

Winton Topper Mower 1.6m


Weight 220 kg
Dimensions 135 × 125 × 100 cm
Working Width (cm) 160
Linkage Type Cat 1
Lower Linkage Width (cm) 45-70
Tractor Range (HP) 25-50
Cutting Range (cm) 5-25
Power PTO
Includes Shear Bolt PTO Shaft


The Winton 1.6m Topper Mower is ideal for overgrown pasture and paddock areas. It’s the perfect mower for ‘topping’ a variety of grasses, brambles, light scrub and saplings. This topper can be used on smallholdings or areas with grazing horses, sheep or alpacas.

The machine uses rotary style cutting action with 2 blades, one on each end of the blade carrier. This creates the ‘topping’ action when mowing. The cuttings are often longer than other mower types and collect in wind rows along the skids.

Toppers are often favoured for their simple to use design. The direct drive blade carrier requires less power to run than other types of belt driven mowers. They also require very little maintenance. Just checking the gear box oil level. Also ensuring the blades are in good overall condition with no damage and greasing the PTO shaft regularly.

Fully adjustable skids for flexible cutting height, adjustment can be made by simply unbolting the side skids. It is also fitted with a stone guard for extra peace of mind when cutting.

The Winton 1.6m Topper Mower can be attached to the 3 point linkage of a range of small or compact tractors.

A PTO drive shaft with shear bolt protection is included with the mower.