Should I buy a ride-on or push lawn mower?

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If you’re buying your first lawn mower, it can be hard to choose between buying the type you can sit on and the one you push along. There are pros to both, so we will try to address any questions you might have surrounding these below. Hopefully, you can then take these points and make the right decision for your needs.

Ride-on mowers

The main benefit of owning a ride-on lawn mower is the fact that you use up less energy whilst doing your garden maintenance. They’re a good option for those who are less mobile or just about anyone who wants an easier life. Plus, if you have a large garden, they will get the job done much quicker.

They also have an environmentally friendly design, as they minimise turf damage due to the type of tyre coverage they use. One con of ride-on mowers, however, is that they are bulkier and sometimes harder to store – which also, unsurprisingly, makes them more expensive to buy.

Push powers

Push lawn mowers are more commonly seen than ride-on mowers due to their ease of storage and lower price, but there are many other advantages of this type too. Not only are they available in many shapes and sizes to suit your need, but they require less overall maintenance and produce less noise. They are also easily manoeuvrable around obstacles such as trees and large stones in your garden.

Of course, the biggest disadvantage to these is that they require more manual operation than that of a sit-on lawn mower, so you might find yourself tiring quicker by pushing the weight of it around your garden. As a result, they are not well suited to large areas.

Which one will you choose?

Push and ride-on mowers are well suited to different jobs, with various pros and cons to each. Picking one which is compatible with your needs is important. If you want advice on which one might be most appliable for your garden or yard, contact us today at Redblade Mowers, based in West Lancashire.