Signs Your Lawn Mower May Need Servicing

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mower repairsQuality lawn mowers are built to last. But perhaps after mowing many acres, your lawnmower is starting to show some strain. Or perhaps you’ve had your mower for years and simply want to watch out for issues. Whatever the reason, it’s important to spot the signs that suggest your lawn mower needs a repair. Leave it too long and not only will performance deteriorate, but a small inexpensive fix could turn into a larger problem.

Start-Up Problems and Stalling

A start-up problem can range from a slow start to no start-up at all. Issues could range from a simple wiring problem at the switch, to larger engine issues. If you’re noticing a sluggish start-up, it’s best not to ignore it. These kinds of signs suggest that there are issues with the engine which repeated use will only make worse. The same goes for engine stalling. It’s best to bring your mower to a repair shop as soon as possible.

Sounds and Smoking

Lawn mowers are generally loud machines, but that doesn’t mean sound can’t help you detect a problem. Listen to your running mower; knocking, rattling, and sputtering can all be signs of faulty components. These kinds of sounds suggest that a loose part may be causing damage to other components. So, give your mower a check. Hand in hand with this, be on the lookout for abnormal smells or smoke. Whilst all mowers have busy exhaust systems, more smoke than usual may be an early sign of an issue.

Leaks, Fuel and Poor Performance

An oil leak can be simple to spot; look out for a puddle forming beneath the mower. It is also easy to fix. Keep an eye out for fuel leaks as well. But poorer fuel performance isn’t always due to a leak. Engine issues could cause the mower to guzzle more fuel. Blade issues on the other hand could mean poorer performance when it comes to the cut. If you’ve noticed reduced performance or lower fuel efficiency, you might want to seek out a service.

Get in Touch with the Professionals

If you’ve noticed any of these signs with your mower, it’s best to get it checked by an expert mechanic. Our team at Redblade Mowers are specialists in lawn mower sales and repair. We are on hand to help the people of West Lancashire, and beyond, all year round. So, get your mower ready for spring with Redblade Mowers.