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Solis Tractors are currently available from 20hp up to 90hp the range features 2WD and 4WD models with platform models (without cab) also available. The sub-100hp sector looking for more cost effective tractor options for their farms. With an air-conditioned, modern-designed cab these new tractors. These compact tractors offer both quality and value & are available across our coverage area which includes, Liverpool, Preston, Southport and Hesketh Bank.

Redblade, the main dealership for SOLIS tractors across Lancashire and surrounding area, offer a fantastic range of small tractors and compact tractors, as well as the larger field models.

There is a Solis tractor for all types and challenges of farm businesses.

  • The Solis 20 or Solis 26 offers the perfect solution for the smallholder, horticultural and equestrian businesses.
  • The Solis 50 is a great little yard tractor or scraper tractor, and can easily handle a topper, mower, or set of chain harrows.
  • The Solis 75 and Solis 90 are perfectly equipped to cope with a range of farm and field work; from ploughing and mowing to hedge trimming.

The Solis brand now extends across UK and Europe, designed and produced by International Tractors Limited of India. These compact tractors are built to last, easy to maintain and have a stylish finish for the European market. In our opinion, there is nothing else on the market to match these tractors for superb quality at affordable prices.

Solis Tractors are currently available from 20hp up to 90hp and the range features 2WD and 4WD models. There is a choice of tyres, from agri, industrial or turf and are available with or without a cab.

All our Solis tractors are sold with a 3 year warranty and full back-up for parts and after-sales service.

We also offer a wide range of attachments, accessories and equipment, compatible with each of the Solis models, so you can put together a tractor package to suit you, at an extremely pleasing price.

Excellent finance available.

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