Thinking of ignoring garden maintenance over winter? 3 reasons to think again!

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As we head into winter, many people assume that garden maintenance is done for the year, but this is not the case. It is a much better idea to stay on top of garden maintenance over the colder months, rather than ignoring it. But why is this?

Safety around the garden

From snow and ice to wind and rain, this time of year can bring awful weather. This makes forgetting about garden maintenance in winter a big error. If it does get snowy or icy, for example, it is crucial to clear paths around the garden so they are safe to walk on still. Clearing fallen leaves from paths is also sensible in terms of safety. In addition, trimming overgrown hedges or out of control bushes makes it safer for people to get around.

Reduced visual appeal

Due to the poor weather, people can simply give up on making their garden look pretty over this period. This can see gardens left to become a bit shabby and out of control. From keeping it free from debris to caring for plants that bloom in winter, maintaining your garden over this season will mean it stays pleasant to look at.

More work in spring

This is the last major reason not to ignore garden maintenance in winter. If you don’t maintain your garden during the colder seasons, you will have a backlog of jobs to get through if you do. As well as all the tasks which need doing in spring, you will first have to catch up with your winter maintenance. It is much more practical to keep on top of key jobs over winter instead.

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