Tips for attracting more birds into your garden over autumn/winter

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As we head towards autumn and winter, what we want from our gardens changes. Rather than a space to sit or a place to catch the sun, we want somewhere that is pleasurable to gaze at. While regular garden maintenance helps, many people bring extra vibrancy to their garden by attracting birds during this time of year.

But how can you do this too?

Put food and shelter out

When it comes to the colder months, birds do not have access to their usual supply of food. This means they come into our gardens to look for edible treats. They also may be on the lookout for cosy places to shelter. A good tip, therefore, is putting up bird boxes and leaving out food (like seeds) for them. You can even get feeders which can be filled with seed and then hang them up for birds to munch on. Both these tips can help bring more birds into your garden and fill it full of life.

Bird baths and ponds

Of course, a source of clean water to bathe in and drink is key for birds. If you cater to this need, you should be able to attract plenty to your garden. The good news is that, while this does involve a little practical garden maintenance, it is not too onerous. If you do not have the space, funds or time to create a proper pond, an upturned dustbin lid or washing up bowl for water to collect in will do. If you prefer, you can buy some good value bird baths which are pretty simple to install now too.

Bring more insects into your outdoor space

While giving your garden a tidy during autumn/winter is wise, try to leave some of it untamed. Old seedheads on plants, for example, are not only appealing to birds but also insects. As birds feed on insects, things like this can bring more of our feathered friends in that are looking for a meal. It can also be worth creating a log pile for insects to use too. This gives them somewhere to live and encourages more into your garden. Birds will then naturally follow as they start to feed on them.

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