What are the key things to consider when buying a leaf blower?

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Garden maintenance is important for homeowners throughout the year. Whether it is mowing your lawn over summer or trimming hedges in autumn, caring for your outdoor space comes with multiple benefits. These include making your garden a nicer place to spend time, adding value to your home and making it look more impressive when friends call round. A key maintenance task over autumn and winter is tidying up fallen leaves.

To make this quicker and easier, it is advisable to invest in a leaf blower. But what should you be looking for when choosing one?

Comfortable to use

Whether you go for a hand-held or backpack blower, it is vital to pick one which is comfortable to use. It can certainly be worth looking for one that is lightweight, as this will mean your arms do not get tired when using it. Many people will also look for a leaf blower that is well-balanced. This means it will be a breeze to manoeuvre and enables you to tidy up your garden without any fuss.


Power is also something to think about when buying a leaf blower. The best way to approach this is looking at how big an area you have to clear and buying a machine which has the right amount of power. You do not, for example, need to have a massively powerful blower if you have a very small garden! It is key though to have enough power to get the job done properly and quickly.

Value for money

Budget is always key when buying a new piece of garden maintenance equipment. With this in mind, you should set how much you can spend in advance and then look for blowers which give the best value for money. As well as price, you should look at the features you get (such as an auto return stop switch or cruise control). By balancing up the two, you will find a blower which is in your price range but comes with the best functionality.

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