What Makes A Solis Tractors Stand Out?

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Whilst vintage tractors like the Fordson Major in its distinctive blue and orange livery are sought after as collectors’ items, eyes are turning to the benefits of a modern compact tractor. Choosing something like a Solis tractor means saying goodbye to costly part-sourcing and premium labour rates. As such, more and more people are discovering the magic of owning a modern compact tractor.

As well as the reduction in the cost of parts and labour, Solis tractors offer another treasure – reliability. Whether you need to catch a break in the rain to get your grounds under control or work within the confines of the farming schedule, hardworking, function-focused Solis tractors won’t let you down.

What type of Solis tractors are available?

Solis compact tractors suit a host of outdoor environments, and at Redblade, we’ll use our 30 years of experience to offer the ideal solutions to your needs. You may need something like the Solis 20, a 4WD with Mitsubishi MVL 3 engine that’s ideal for private mowing, landscaping, and land management. This model is super flexible too with attachments available for rotavating or spraying, making the Solis 20 a great companion on any smallholding. As well as offering comprehensive all-rounders, Solis delivers more specialised models too, such as the 75 Narrow, specially designed for working amongst vineyards and orchards.

What else makes Solis tractors stand out?

As well as being great, stand-alone pieces of kit, Solis tractors all come with standard three-point linkage. This means they can work with a range of other farm or ground maintenance equipment, including mowers, rollers, harrows, and trailers.

Finally, as is the hallmark of all quality products, Solis has the confidence to offer a substantial guarantee – all their models carry a three-year manufacturers’ warranty, so you know you’re choosing peace of mind alongside performance.

Where can I buy Solis tractors?

We’re so glad you asked – at Redblade, we’ve been sourcing and supplying top-quality garden machinery in West Lancashire since the 1990s. We have a wide range of vehicles and mowers and great knowledge to match. Redblade serves a wide area including Southport, Formby, Ormskirk, Hesketh Bank, Tarleton, Rufford and Burscough, and offering sales and repairs under one roof keeps everything simple.

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