Compact Tractors in Mawdesley

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If you are in the market for compact tractors in Mawdesley, you are in luck. Our family company has been supplying happy customers with garden machinery since 1990. With close to 30 year experience under our belt, we are confident that we can furnish you with the perfect tools for your job. We understand that quality manpower is expensive and hard to find today. Our compact tractors are designed to help you do the job of several farmhands in a fraction of the time. With the same robust technology used in normal size tractors, our compact tractors are easier to drive and maintain. They are also considerably cheaper. Whether you are running a small family farm or a commercial farming business, our tractors offer pinpoint accuracy and manoeuvrability that will increase your efficiency significantly.

Our longstanding experience and success in the garden machinery industry have made us an authority in the region. In Mawdesley, compact tractors are extremely useful because the land is fairly flat and several of residents run small farms. Our compact tractors of choice are the sub-100 hp Solis tractors. The Solis Tractors are precision tools for the gardening industry and are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit any application. We also supply a variety of tractor attachments including tippers, tow bars, grader boxes and flail mowers that fit on to any of our tractors. In this way, like the larger models, your compact tractor can perform a wide range of tasks efficiently.

Apart from selling compact tractors in Mawdesley, we also offer repair and maintenance services for our garden machinery. If you purchase a new Solis tractor from us, it comes with a three-year warranty as well as after-sales service and full back-up for parts. In addition to offering affordable equipment, we have finance options available to make the purchase easier for you. Contact Redblade Mowers today for more information on our products. Our aim is to supply you with all the garden machinery you need to help you enjoy your farm work.