Compact Tractors in Preston

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SolisRedblade Mowers is the largest distributor of compact tractors in Preston. Our distribution centre has ride on mowers for large lawns and large tractors for crop farming. There is a big segment of potential tractor owners in the middle that are well served by Solis compact tractors. These are the properties from two to fifteen acres that are not farmed except for a half-acre vegetable garden and clusters of landscaping trees and plants here and there. You have a large lawn to cut, a long drive and parking areas to clear of snow. Feed has to be hauled to the three horses and dead tree limbs moved to the burn pile. Sand has to be spread around the pond and the meadow cut. Something needs to be  mowed, graded, tilled, ploughed or hauled all the time.

For the non-farming property owner, Redblade Mowers has the solution. In Preston, compact tractors by Solis come in sizes and with attachments to suite every need. The 75 or 90 will handle the heavy duty jobs like mowing fields and large landscape jobs. It will also handle snow ploughing. Depending on the size of your property and the size of your jobs you may find our Solis 20, 26 or 50 ideal. How much horsepower do you need and do you want 2WD or 4WD? Choose a Solis with or without a cab. There are many days when a cab would be comfortable. These compact tractors, manufactured in India won’t break your budget. Your wife will say they’re cute. They are very stylish but they’re also durable and hard working.

Compact tractors in Preston and all the information about each, including adaptable accessories are right here at Redblade Mowers. Come in and have a look at them for yourself. This could be the extra help you’ve been hoping for to care for your property. Solis compact tractors are solid and easy to maintain. We sell them with a 3 year warranty and our service department has all the replacement parts for repairs when and if you need them years down the road. We service what we sell. Contact Redblade Mowers when you need compact tractors. Come on down and build your tractor with the horsepower and accessories that will help you get your work done easier and faster. Work just might be more fun than you imagined.