Flail Mowers in Rufford

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Flail Mowers in RuffordFlail mowers in Rufford is one piece of equipment that should be in the barn of any farm, equestrian estate or orchard. Depending on the size tractor you have and the size of the field or pasture that needs to be cut, we have what you need at Redblade Mowers. If you don’t have the right sized tractor, we have those too. The flail mower will make easy work of cutting the stubble from fields after harvest. Where thorns and thistles threaten to take over, your flail mower will clear them out and leave a smooth finish. You can use a flail mower to clear out woody branches and twigs from treed areas. Clear the ditches along your property line and the roadway.

We specialise in everything to care for your small holding and garden. In Rufford, flail mowers are one of the many types of equipment we stock. We carry the best known brands for everything such as riding mowers of all sizes, tractors in many sizes, weed cutters, edgers, chain saws, pruning shears, garden carts, tillers and so much more. We have been established for many years and our reputation is one of high quality products and competitive prices. Sometimes, you don’t know what equipment would serve you best but our staff is well versed in all of our products. We can make educated recommendations. We stock the parts and maintenance products to keep your lawn and garden equipment working at peak performance.

We service what we sell at Redblade Mowers, including flail mowers in Rufford. Our onsite shop stands ready to service, winter proof and repair all your farm and garden equipment. We have necessary fluids for your machinery and spare parts so you can keep them on hand. Contact Redblade Mowers for more information about our flail mowers. Any questions you have about caring for and prolonging the life of your equipment, including replacing flails on your flair mower is welcomed by our staff. Come into our showroom and let us show you how a flail mower can make your farm and field work much easier. While you’re here, have a look around at the newest models of some of your favourite equipment and tools.