Flail Mowers in Wigan

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Flail Mowers in WiganYou will see flail mowers in Wigan in use by roadside maintenance crews, park maintenance crews, farmers, horse stables and even around orchards during pruning time. They are good for heavy mowing but you can still get a nice finish. Anyone maintaining large parcels of property, public or private, needs a flail mower attachment as part of their maintenance equipment. We stock a variety of sizes in flail mower tractor attachments at Redblade Mowers. If you’ve never used one but want an easier way of cutting tough stubble and overgrown pasture areas we’ll show you how it works. You can vary the length of grass around your place with a flail mower. After harvest a flail mower will make short work of fibrous corn stalks.

When used in pastures, a flail mower will grind the thorny stems and thistle that animals won’t and shouldn’t eat. In Wigan, flail mowers will make easy work of cutting large overgrown areas leaving a smooth finish that can then be easily maintained with the riding mower. Flail mowers are great for roadsides because the flails can be angled so the ditch and sides are cut in one pass. That also works well for lawns bordered with large shrubs. Angle the flails and you can cut the shrubs. A flail mower is an essential piece of equipment for large and small holdings. It’s not an attachment you’ll use all the time but when you do need to clear land you’ll be glad you have a flail on hand to do the job.

Redblade Mowers will help you select the right flail mower size for your job and your tractor. If you need a tractor, we have those as well. Contact Redblade Mowers if you are searching for flail mowers. We maintain what we sell so when you visit us, visit our on-site repair and maintenance shop. Flail mowers hold up well with the need to occasionally replace a broken flail. One thing that is true of all equipment with moving parts, but flail mowers in particular, is the need for frequent lubrication. Our shop is here to help you maintain your flail mower in peak condition as well as all your other lawn and garden equipment.