Flail Mowers in Yorkshire

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Flail Mowers in YorkshireIf you’d like to know whether flail mowers in Yorkshire are the right product for you, get in touch with the specialists. At Redblade Mowers, we are proud of giving our customers access to top-quality, modern, efficient and cost-effective products. We have been in business since 1990 and have a wealth of experience and knowledge in supply and repairs of premium gardening products. We offer a comprehensive array of gardening products, ranging from ride-on lawn-mowers and tractors, leaf blowers, chainsaws and a host of related products. All these are sourced from leading national and international brands across the world. We are a family-run business and most of our work comes via recommendations from satisfied customers. Our highly-experience, trained and qualified team of professionals can ensure that you get the right advice. Whatever your needs, we make sure that you get the most appropriate product to match your needs, preferences and budget.

Our quality after care and warranties mean that once you purchase a product from us, it’s only the start of a rewarding and satisfactory professional contract. In Yorkshire, flail mowers are not a very commonly used product, but they’re gaining popularity due to their range of features. We also help you to keep your gardening vehicles in top condition, with regular servicing and maintenance. This helps to identify and locate minor issues well before they turn into bigger, more expensive ones. Flail mowers have flails or blades that are bent into T or Y shapes that are attached to a rotating drum. As the drum spins, the blades can cut through the vegetation. The flails are placed all round the drum and provideĀ  complete cutting.

Purchasing flail mowers in Yorkshire has several advantages. They don’t throw out much debris so they’re ideal for sites where flying debris has to be kept at a minimum. If your ground or terrain are uneven, these mowers can be angled to cut banks, trim bushes and shrubbery. This makes them a more versatile gardening tool. For more information about our available flail mowers, contact us today. If you have heavy-duty mowing or extensively overgrown grounds to clear, this is the perfect solution for you.