Garden maintenance tips for beginners

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Redblade MowersFor many, owning a garden is a satisfying and exciting venture. It not only improves the aesthetics of your backyard but it’s also a great stress reliever. However, gardening isn’t as simple as planting crops and watering them. There are numerous aspects involved, including garden maintenance to ensure your garden thrives throughout the four seasons.

To keep your garden healthy and beautiful, here are some garden maintenance tips for beginners.

1. Purchase the right equipment

Technology has become a significant part of agriculture, allowing farmers and gardeners to save time, money, and effort on basic maintenance jobs. From leaf blowers and hedge trimmers to Solis tractors and chainsaws, tech-based equipment helps keep your garden in pristine condition.

Although you can do some gardening with your bare hands, investing in the right tools prevents serious back injuries and ensures you get the job done quickly.

2. Maintain your garden often

Generally, how often you maintain your garden depends on its size and the number of plants within it. For larger gardens, weekly maintenance should be sufficient to prevent diseases from spreading and to keep your plants healthy.

For smaller gardens with few plants, monthly maintenance can go a long way in creating a clean, safe, and mindful environment in your backyard. Keep in mind you’ll have to check your garden often for signs of pests or illness.

3. Add some mulch

Moisture loss can wreak havoc on your garden, causing your soil to dry out. Fortunately, you can avoid this by adding a layer of mulch that’s two to three inches deep around the plant. Mulching reduces weeds by blocking the sun, ensuring the healthy growth of your plants.

Alternatively, if you’ve planted grass, protect it from hot weather by mowing it at about 5 centimetres from the ground. This length protects your soil from the harsh UV rays.

Need gardening equipment?

Proper garden care and maintenance start with quality gardening equipment. Whatever the reason you want to start your garden, you’ll need certain tools like a Solis tractor to complete your project.

Contact RedBlade Mowers today to find the right gardening tool for your backyard.