Is garden machinery a tidy investment for your home?

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gardening suppliesWe Brits love our gardens, but as spring moves into summer, we need to keep them in check as the buds bloom and the grass grows. A little inattention can result in an overgrown tangle which is not only unsightly but labour intensive to control. Whether you have acres of glorious greenery or a low maintenance plot, the suitable kit is essential for efficient and fuss-free maintenance all year round.

Let’s take a look at some ways garden machinery can help keep your outdoor spaces tidy.

Keep Britain tidy!

Every gardener knows that keeping key features trimmed and organised can significantly impact the look and feel of your landscape. But what if you have large hedges and trees which require something more serious than a quick prune with secateurs? What if your lawn is large enough to warrant calling in a professional? What if time constraints mean you are considering a robotic mower? It might be time to consider investing in your garden and buying the suitable kit for the job, and the team at Redblade Mowers are the experts to consult.

Knowledge is power

After 30 years of experience serving West Lancashire, Redblade Mowers stock a wide variety of quality new and used garden machinery. We also understand servicing and repairs, so your relationship with your kit can be a long and useful one. From leaf blowers to Solis tractors, hedge trimmers to petrol multi-tools, we provide expert knowledge and first-class servicing so that even the largest gardens can become low maintenance.

Trusted local experts

As a family business, Redblade Mowers have been helping gardeners from Southport, Fornby, Ormskirk, Hesketh Bank, Tarleton, Rufford, Burscough and surrounding areas to find the right tools for them. The correct machine for the job in hand can save time and can represent a good investment not only in your own garden but also financially. We offer finance plans and are on hand throughout the sales process to make sure you are buying the right item for you and your needs.

Why not come to our showroom or visit our on-site shop, which stocks everything you need to maintain your garden paradise?